RAYA Keyboard Protector Silicone Skin Cover for Dell Inspiron 15 Series 15.6 inch Laptops | Keyboard Cover for Dell Inspiron 3510 & DELL G15-5510 (5511,5515) Gaming Laptops (Multicolour)

Price: ₹899.00 - ₹349.00
(as of Jun 04,2022 08:16:43 UTC – Details)

This keyboard cover is made of premium high quality silicone rubber material. Simple installation, stays on keyboard directly without paste or cut unlike the universal keyboard which falls out every time. Maintains natural typing feel, soft on fingers. Removable and washable, works effectively to prevent germ spread. Prevents the keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use. Translucent material that allows back light to shine through (except full black) this feature is supported in clear and black with clear models.

This keyboard cover is compatible with:
DELL inspiron 3501
DELL inspiron 3505
DELL inspiron 3511
DELL inspiron 3515
DELL inspiron 3511
DELL inspiron 5518
DELL G15-5510 Gaming Laptop
DELL G15-5511 Gaming Laptop
DELL G15-5515 Gaming Laptop
DELL Inspiron Ryzen 3
✅ ✅ This keyboard skin is suitable for DELL inspiron 3501 / inspiron 3505 / G15-5510 Gaming Laptop / G15-5511 Gaming Laptop / G15-5515 Gaming Laptop / Inspiron Ryzen 3
✅ HIGH QUALITY: Made with premium engineering grade silicon material. Ultra thin with with strength, reusable, durability and flawless finish features. Significantly reduces the sound during typing keyboard and protect characters on the keyboard from being worn away
✅ ACCURATE DESIGN: Each key was specially molded and designed, fit each key perfectly. Manufactured to the quality available. Flexible, this cover is easy to apply and remove for cleaning, washing or disinfecting
✅ No glue, static cling, flexible, washable, easy to fix and remove
✅ ✅ The keyboard skin comes with 4 double sided transparent stickers to attach the keyboard cover to the laptop keyboard if you like

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